The emergence of a Star Sailor

Embarking on your cosmic journey

Welcome to the Star Sailors universe, where the cosmos is your playground. Before you begin, let's acquaint you with the fundamentals that every Star Sailor needs to know.

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Planets and Exoplanets: Your New Frontier

Planets: Celestial bodies revolving around a star, with a nearly spherical shape, paving the way for your explorations in the Star Sailors universe.
Exoplanets: Mysterious worlds orbiting stars in other solar systems, holding secrets and potentially groundbreaking discoveries.

Quick Fact: The study of exoplanets can potentially unveil other life-sustaining environments in the cosmos.

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Crafting Your Star Sailor Avatar

  • Design Your Avatar: Choose from a range of cosmic-inspired outfits and appearances.
  • Choose a Backstory: Are you a cosmic scientist or a starry warrior? Your choice will shape your adventures.
  • Set Your Cosmic Goal: Define your mission in the universe, learn different citizen science disciplines along the way to help you better uncover new homes, habitats, desolate space rocks, and solve cosmic mysteries.

Tip: Share your avatar and backstory in the Star Sailor community and start connecting with fellow explorers.

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Join a Faction: Pioneering Real-World Space Science

As you venture into the Star Sailors universe, you align with factions deeply rooted in the core disciplines of space science. Each faction maintains a foundational focus on space exploration, encouraging learning and contributions in real-world open-source space projects:


Mastering the foundational skills of space exploration and data analysis, this faction delves a step further into the art of celestial mapping.

  • Star Mapper: Learn the basics of star identification and collaborate in mapping celestial bodies, a skill that lies at the heart of space exploration.
  • Data Decoder: Enhance your understanding of space data, by learning to decode intricate patterns that help in identifying new celestial phenomena.
  • Light Curve Craftsman: Specialize in light curve analysis, a skill central to exoplanet identification, and collaborate in open-source space science projects.
  • Meteor Tracker: Branch out into meteor tracking, learning to identify meteor patterns and contributing to a global database of meteor tracks.
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While grounded in the core skills of space exploration, this faction takes a stewardship role, focusing on the preservation and understanding of celestial environments.

  • Celestial Guardian: Learn to identify celestial objects while also focusing on understanding the environments of different celestial bodies.
  • Space Habitat Designer: Engage in discussions and projects on the creation of sustainable habitats in space, building on your foundational space science skills.
  • Astro-Ecologist: While exploring the basics of space exploration, learn to envisage and understand potential ecosystems in the cosmos.
  • Cosmic Weather Forecaster: Build on your knowledge of space phenomena to understand and predict cosmic weather patterns, a vital skill in space exploration.
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Grounded in the central disciplines of Star Sailors, this faction navigates the fine line between technology and space science, fostering innovation in space exploration.

  • Tech Navigator: Learn the foundational skills of space exploration while also getting introduced to the technological marvels that facilitate space journeys.
  • VR Astronomer: Merge technology with space science to create immersive VR experiences that allow for innovative explorations of the cosmos.
  • 3D Celestial Modeler: Use your knowledge of celestial bodies to create 3D models, aiding in a deeper understanding and visualisation of space phenomena.
  • Open-Source Contributor: Learn the basics of contributing to open-source space projects, using your knowledge to collaborate and innovate in real-world space initiatives.
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Next: Your Star Sailor Mission Awaits

With your avatar ready and a basic understanding of the cosmos, you stand on the verge of thrilling discoveries. Up next, a hands-on mission where you will classify your first set of planets, setting the stage for an adventure rich with learning and real-world contributions to space science.

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