How do we look at the data from these telescopes?

What is a Tic ID?

TIC IDs are unique identifiers assigned to individual stars or other astronomical objects within the game. These IDs allow players to locate and interact with specific celestial entities, providing a sense of realism and accuracy in the virtual universe.

What is a Light Curve?

Light curves represent the brightness variations of astronomical objects over time. In Star Sailors, light curves are used to simulate the natural changes in luminosity exhibited by stars, planets, and other celestial bodies. By analyzing the light curves of various objects, players can gain insights into their characteristics, such as their size, composition, and potential anomalies.

Exploring curves

These code blocks demonstrate how to search, download, plot, normalize, and stitch light curves associated with a specific TIC ID in Star Sailors. The analysis of light curves allows players to explore and understand the behavior of celestial objects within the game's virtual universe. When exploring the planets, you'll be observing the graphs and visual data this code generates for your chosen planet

Installing lightkurve package

This line installs the Lightkurve package, a powerful tool for working with light curves in astronomy, which will be used in subsequent code blocks.

Searching & downloading lightcurves

Here, we search for light curves associated with a specific TIC ID, 'TIC 470710327', collected by the SPOC (Science Processing Operations Center) and from sector 18.

Plotting available data

This code block retrieves all available light curve data for the given TIC ID. It displays information about the available data, including the sector and author.

Downloading multiple curves (same TIC ID)

In this block, a subset of the available light curves (first four sectors) is selected and downloaded as a collection using the 'download_all()' method. The downloaded light curve collection is stored in the 'lc_collection' variable.