Your First Deep Dive: The Planet Hunters Project

The Kepler Space Telescope and the TESS project have amassed data waiting for eyes like yours. They've been watching stars, noting every flicker, flash, and fade. Your mission? Sift through this data and spot potential exoplanets.

Transit Method

Lightkurves - Your analytical ally

Think of Lightkurve as your cosmic magnifying glass. This Python tool will be your primary companion in analysing light curves.
TIC IDs: These are unique labels for stars. It helps us keep track of which star we're analysing.
Sectors: Think of these as chapters in a book. Each sector represents a specific time and part of the sky observed by telescopes like Kepler.

Let's review your journey so far:

1. Analyse light curves using Lightkurve.
2. Spot potential exoplanets by looking for dips in star brightness.
3. Discuss your findings with the community.
4. Vote on the most promising discoveries.